Why I Choose The Debt Consolidation Niche To Make Money Online

Written by Garry Conn on May 24th, 2008 Posted in Articles

In the business of making money online, choosing the right niche or topic for a web site is crucial towards your success. I’d say it is the most important decision to make. In this article you will learn why I chose to build a web site in the debt consolidation niche to make money online.

Choosing the right topic to build a web site and market in is so very important. I believe that this is the foundation to your whole product. Look at it this way. Let’s assume that you pick the wrong niche but do everything else right. You post all the right content, you get all the right backlinks, and you rank very well in all the search engines. All sounds great so far right? Well, wrong! If you choose a dead or poor niche, you will not make money.

Choosing something like Beanie Babies might not be the best idea for the fact that there isn’t much money per unit in Beanie Babies. Let’s look at this from an AdSense perspective. If you launch a Beanie Baby web site for the purpose of making money online with Google AdSense, you’re looking at displaying ads on your site that have a very low cost to advertisers in Google AdWords. Secondly, you are competing in an extremely competitive niche which means you’ll be working your butt off to get superior ranking.


The above screen shot (you can click on it for large view) is from one of my favorite programs called Micro Niche Finder. This program allows me to research keywords and discover how competitive they are among other publishers and marketers. Secondly, it allows me to discover how many searches are done within a 30 day period. Piece the two elements together and I have a program that will show me the keywords that have the highest amount of search traffic with the lowest amount of competition.

The above screen shot shows keyword phrase: beanie babies. You will see that this is a HOT TOPIC in the search engines. In the last 30 days, we’re looking at 36,720 searches. Seems great right! Wrong!!! If you look at the strength of competition, you’ll see that it is 12,500 with a big RED light saying “Too Much Competition.”

But here is the thing, here is the other element that makes Micro Niche Finder amazing. Let’s assume that beanie babies was fine. Let’s pretend that it still received 36,720 searches and had a very low strength of competition. Sounds, great so far!! Green light on the SOC!! If these conditions were met, we could assume that beanie babies would be a perfect niche to either write a post about or launch a full blow blog or website, right? Wrong!!!

Look at the ad cost section. You will see that advertisers are paying only .56c to get top rank in Google AdWords. What does that mean? It means that when you display Google AdSense on your beanie baby web site that you’ll only get a few cents per click.

Traffic is very valuable and what you do with the traffic you do get is important. All in all, wasting a visitor on a .03c click is not smart. Each visitor is worth a lot more. So the key with Google AdSense is finding a niche that pays well. Let’s looks at a new screen shot in Micro Niche Finder.


The above is a screen shot captured from Micro Niche Finder for the keyword phrase: debt consolidation. You can click on the screen shot above to view a larger size so you can see it better. What I have done here is used Micro Niche Finder properly to fully research the keyword phrase, debt consolidation. The above screen shot shows results of excellent keywords that I can use in my debt consolidation web site or blog. Let’s break things down:

  1. I have found keyword phrases that yield a very high amount of monthly searches.
  2. I have found keyword phrases that yield a very low level of competition.
  3. I have found keyword phrases that yield a very high cost to advertisers.

What does this mean? It means that if I use the above keywords in an Internet and search engine marketing campaign, I’ll have a very good chance at ranking well in the search engines for these keywords and when I do, I’ll end up getting a lot of traffic from it. Secondly, when the traffic that I funnel into my site or pages click on my Google Adsense ads, I’ll be sending traffic out of my site for a much higher cost per click compared to beanie babies.

Now, I’ll be honest with you. I am not an expert Internet Marketer. I am not like Joel Comm, Mike Filsaime and others. However, I am indeed educating myself and training to be successful in Internet Marketing just like them.

For now, I have done very well with search engine marketing. I have proven to myself time and time again, that I can indeed rank very well in the search engines for topics that I seek out.

I believe that search engine marketing skills and Internet marketing skills are somewhat transferable. However, in the world of Internet marketing, it is much like any kind of product marketing. You need to learn how to successfully present products and services to people to score sales.

So in essence, Internet marketing is much different than search engine marketing. Search engine marketing is simple. It’s a matter of successfully marketing your services and products, web pages, etc… in the search engines with great visibility and attraction to people. Internet marketing is much more complex.

Internet marketing involves building mailing lists, very closely controlling what your traffic does and most importantly utilizing your traffic to the ultimate maximum. Many Internet marketers don’t even waste their time with Google AdSense. However, with me, I believe that by using Micro Niche Finder to discover which ads are the most expensive for Google AdWords advertisers, it tells me what is totally hot in the market. From there, I can filter down my results to discover not only which keyword phrases are hot but most importantly, which hot keyword phrases will land me a great ranking.

I think that using Google AdSense and Google AdWords as a basis for choosing my niche, everything else will go hand in hand. In the debt consolidation niche, consequently, I discovered that this niche is very hot and amazingly has a low amount of competition for many phrases. These same phrases are very expensive for AdWords advertisers. This tells me that there is obviously a lot of money being exchanged with in this niche. Internet marketing will go hand in hand.

Debt consolidation is a rich niche and as predicted by researching Google AdSense and AdWords I soon discovered that there is an abundance of products available in places link ClickBank. Secondly, this leads me to believe that I too could piece together a wonderful product and sell it in ClickBank. The possibilities are truly endless and the ball is in my court.

All in all I will say this… choosing the right niche market and topic for your make money online blog or web site involves common sense. In this article I used beanie babies and debt consolidation as examples. Think about this for a minute. Beanie babies is a dead market. You can go to the Dollar Store and purchase a brand name Ty Beanie Baby for a few dollars. Yet, everyone still blogs about Beanie Babies and everyone still has their crazy collections of Beanie Babies.

Unfortunately, because Beanie Babies have dropped in market value, the cost of the ads in Google AdWords have dropped too. This stems deep into the root of the niche. Consequently, there are no products to sell in ClickBank, there are no profitable affiliate programs to join and all in all there isn’t even any money to be made in Google AdSense.

With just an hour of research, I discovered the complete opposite in debt consolidation. Think about it. How many TV commercials do you see and how many radio ads to you hear that advertise debt consolidation? How many times per week do you receive junk mail from people that say you’ve been pre-approved for a debt consolidation loan or similar? Debt consolidation is a very hot and rich topic on the Internet. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

To be successful in the business of making money online, you have to choose a niche that is rich in money and balanced with a lower level of competition that will allow you to successfully have a good presence on the Internet.

For those following along in my competition against John Cow, I have chosen debt consolidation as my niche and in my next post I will be revealing the URL of my niche blog. Additionally, I have some amazing news about a wonderful product that has been donated to me from Joel Comm himself. This product is very expensive and very effective. It is a product that you will want to get your hands on for sure.

My next post will be coming very quickly. In my next post you will learn the URL of my niche blog and also discover how you can get your hands on this amazing product autographed, signed and shipped direct to your from Joel Comm. Stay tuned. :)


WHM cPanel VPS Server Management Software

Written by Garry Conn on May 23rd, 2008 Posted in Articles

Wow, the concept of owning WHM cPanel VPS Server Management Software, why I don’t search for things like this ahead of time will always remain a mystery to me. A year ago, when I decided to launch a million and one different blogs, something like a WHM cPanel Server Management Software program would have come in handy.

Anyway, as you know I am undergoing some major restructuring on my servers. I have been in a world of pain for the last 24 hours. Any of you guys and gals who has experience dealing with web hosting tech support knows exactly what I am talking about.

The great news is that I am making a lot of head way with the progress. I purchased a new hosting account and have been migrating some of my larger sites to it while I have been shifting other smaller sites into a second and third account I own. All in all, the biggest problem I was facing with load balancing. I had too many big sites on one account where I should have distributed those out more evenly.

I am sure most of you folks who are regular readers have noticed a constant downgrade in my server speed over the last few months. Finally last week, I believe was the breaking point. Things got so bad to where I couldn’t even publish content on my blogs as it would just hang and time out. Things are very much better, but I am still wrapping things up and secondly the DNS propagations are still happening across the board.

Anyway, could I have done things differently back a year ago when I started building all my blogs? Yes!!! But did I research this ahead of time? No!!! Story of my life. :)

So as I am reaching the end of my WHM / cPanel VPS server management nightmare, I had a few free minutes to search around for WHM/cPanel VPS Server Management Software. I wasn’t sure if anything like that really existed, but sure enough I found something in ClickBank. How ironic. On my blog I mostly complain about ClickBank and warn people of scams, bla bla bla, but as it turns out the program that I found through doing a Google search happens to be a ClickBank product. I guess I bite my own foot off on that.

The thing is, I really don’t invest a lot of time into researching the products found in ClickBank and the times I do, naturally I find junk like stupid and bogus get rich quick eBooks. However, every once in awhile I find good stuff such as Micro Niche Finder or this new product that I should have found over a year ago. :(

Anyway, the product I found is called The Domain Dashboard. It was created by an individual named Jared Croslow. The Domain Dashboard is a program that completely automates the most tedious webmaster tasks associated with managing multiple domains. For me I have over 100 different sites that I manage; however, even if you have around 5 sites or more, you’re going to see much use in this program. Amazingly The Domain Dashboard will Provide you with a complete overview of all of your websites in one central location. This is great news for me because the way I was doing it was logging in and logging out of each site independently. It literally takes me hours to do a complete scan on all my accounts.

The Domain Dashboard ensures that you are always up-to-date on the status of your sites by providing you with instant access to comprehensive and easy to understand reports. The best part that I like the most is that you can manage multiple servers (WHM and cPanel ) as well as other domains and subdomains from one control panel! I can’t even begin to calculate how much time this would save me.

Here is the kicker… the bonus… the element that really makes The Domain Dashboard amazing. It is also an SEO manager. All of your essential domain statistics are made available. With The Domain Manager you can monitor your rankings in all the major search engines, for an unlimited number of keywords and blogs or various sites.

All in all, The Domain Manager does one thing: it saves you a bunch of time and saves you from having to be at a million and one places at once. You can manage all your blogs, domains and sites from one place and you can manage, review your SEO as well. Take a look at the Domain Dashboard home page, there are quite a few really well done online video presentations you can watch as well as numerous screen shots you can view.

Jared does a really good job explaining how the Domain Dashboard works. So all in all, if you’re not scared to spend a little bit of money, The Domain Dashboard will be well worth your investment. I was actually surprised to see how cheap it is being sold for.

Anyway, I thought I would share that with you… back to my server management nightmare. The great news is I am almost done and things are looking much better. Drop a comment and let me know what you think about Domain Dashboard and also let me know how the site is performing. Does it seem faster, slower, about the same, etc…

Things should all be back to normal for me no later than Monday, May 26th. I may just chill and enjoy the entire weekend for a change. Haven’t done that in a long time. :)

48 Hour Server Maintenance Notice

Written by Garry Conn on May 22nd, 2008 Posted in Articles

Hello Garry Conn dot Com readers. I am going to be doing some long overdue maintenance on my servers. Many of my regular (REGULAR) readers will kiss me when this is done. LOL!!!

With the constant increase in traffic – not only on GCDC – with my sites, I think my current systems are finally starting to show  a lot of strain.

My current host provider is with www.powervps.com and I have been with the for over 2 years. These guys are amazing people and have been through thick and thin with me. They have seen all kinds of emotional sides from Garry Conn in the past two years, so all in all I commend them for their efforts in dealing with such a bitchy and rude blogger. :)

At any rate, I have a plan of attack and again, its long over due… so please excuse me for about 48 – possibly even 72 hours while I get things right. I got a ton of work to do and very long hours ahead of me. I will not be responding to instant messages and as it stands I already have around 225 emails in my Inbox. For those who really need to get in touch with me, you know how to do that. :)

Other than that… again, I’ll be back up and running strong in about two days and look forward to having lightening fast blogs.

Best Regards,
Garry Conn

Are You A Natural Blogger or a Prefabricated Blogger?

Written by Garry Conn on May 21st, 2008 Posted in Articles

Many people have blogs for a multitude of reasons. Some people enjoy blogging about their family and kids so that other family members out of state can easily view pictures, videos and read about the things going on with immediate family. Other folks really enjoy writing and want to show off their stuff to the world. All in all, there are many reasons why people have blogs.

Really only a small percentage of people have blogs because they want to make money from them. Consequently, even though the percentage of people who want to make money from their blogs is small, it still happens to be one of the most difficult challenges an individual can face.

I see so many amazing and popular blogs in the blogosphere that I know for a fact get tons of traffic, even more than blogs like John Chow dot Com or ShoeMoney.com. Yet, they don’t make a dime. The reason being, is that making money online isn’t really their focus. Their focus is basically expressing their thoughts and views on things without any care if people read their blog or not. These folks would be happy if only their grandmother read their blog or if a million people read their blog.

These folks are in many ways is what I call natural bloggers. Their minds haven’t been tainted by the whole concept of making money online and they don’t worry about keyword packing, proper HTML, or optimized post titles. Amazingly, these natural bloggers defeat the odds that search engine optimization expects preach.

A prefabricated blogger is an individual who has come to the realization that there is a ton of potential to make a lot of money with a blog. That individual then sets out to start a blog strictly for the purpose of making money online.

With that being said, there is nothing wrong with being a prefab blogger; however, in doing so or in being on, you still have to run and maintain your blog as if you were a natural blogger. If you don’t then you’re not going to get very far in your ventures of making money online with a blog.


How do I know this? Simple. I have quite a few blogs myself. I won’t lie, other than this blog, www.garryconn.com, I am a totally full blown prefab blogger. I’ll make a blog out of any niche topic that I think will yield me the most amount of money with the least amount of effort.

However, in my experience, some of my better performing blogs are on topics that aren’t really so “PreFab”. If you take www.opticalblog.com or www.airplaneblog.com for examples. Both of these blogs don’t really look or feel much different than other of my other “PreFab” blogs; however, there is one HUGE difference between these two blogs compared to my million and one other blogs. That difference is the topic.

I have over 10 years experience with eyeglasses and twice as much involvement with airplanes. I know these topics both very well and writing on this blogs comes very natural for me. Same goes with www.garryconn.com.

People who read blogs, don’t like “Prefab” stuff. Blog readers enjoy natural flowing content that is written from the heart. Blog readers enjoy getting to know the author of the blog in slow chunks and also enjoy having the author tie in their content with their personal lives.

So, when you go and seek out a niche topic to create a blog in, consider that people may get turned off if you build a blog that looks like nothing more than a spam house full of ads and links. I am soon discovering that you can do much better with having less on your niche blog rather than having more.

Just because Google AdSense allows you to put up to three ad units on each page, try running only one.

Just because you have found an abundance in affiliate programs that match your niche, try campaigning and promoting only one.

If you place more focus on capturing your readers and place more focus on converting your passer by traffic and converting them into people who will bookmark or save your site to their favorites, you might find that your blog will start to grow quickly.

There is much debate about whether or not a new blog should start out of the gate monetized. I’d say it’s ok to monetize your blog from the start; however, I also suggest that you always keep your readers best interest in mind. People read your content because they like you as the author and like your content.

I am learning that people place much more value in what you say rather than what your blog advertises. Consider that when you’re building and maintaining your blog.

For over a year, I have launched and maintained a ton of blogs that were built for the purpose of making money online with Google AdSense. However, now I am realizing that that might not actually be the best option for me. I am now discovering the power of running and maintaining a mailing list.

A mailing list has an amazing amount of power. Imagine having the ability to send out an email to thousands of people who actually want to receive your email and want to read what you write. This is huge.

So for me, being a AdSense Guru and a “PreFab” blogger, I am now starting to come around and remap all my blogs and do less article publication designed to capture traffic and then send them away through a Google AdSense click. Instead I am now starting to self promote my mailing list forms.

It is to the point of realization now, that I would much rather NOT have a visitor leave my blog off an AdSense click. Instead I would much rather that that visitor just the click towards signing up to my mailing list.

My ultimate suggestion to you would to be more of a natural blogger who blogs regardless of how many people visit or don’t visit your blog. It is very likely that your topic that you blog about also is a shared interest among many other people as well. It is just a matter of time before these people find your blog.

The question you need to ask yourself is this:

When someone does find your blog, what are you going to do with them? How are you going to utilize their visit?

Are you going to:

A.) Make some pocket change off them via an AdSense Click, or…

B.) Are you going to get them to sign up for your RSS Feed or Mailing List so that they can come back to your blog again and again?

My focus is now being more of a natural blogger and less of a “PreFabricated” blogger. I suggest that you do the same. :)

You still have to promote and market your blog. You still have to make sure that your blog is search engine friendly. You still have to do all the things that you have been doing; however, the only difference is that you now need to take advantage of the traffic that you do have. In doing so, your traffic will begin to increase and expand.


Ultimate Way To Hide Affiliate Links Is Emerging

Written by Garry Conn on May 18th, 2008 Posted in Articles

It seems that majority of Internet Marketers feel the need to hide or mask their affiliate links. While I can somewhat understand why they want to do this, I don’t quite buy into this as being effective. In my opinion, there really isn’t a mainstream niche audience who is aware of what affiliate links look like.

There are only a few niche audiences who know how to spot out an affiliate link. One of the most predominant niche markets that can spot out an affiliate link is the Make Money Online niche. It just so happens that publishers in the Make Money Online Niche are also the most predominant about hiding or masking affiliate links.

At any rate, for whatever the reasons may be, publishers within the Make Money Online niche are very keen on making sure that their affiliate links aren’t known and secondly they don’t want their readers or site visitors to discover that the products that they recommend are affiliate based products. People need to be aware of this and that is one of the main reasons why I am writing this article.

When there is an incentive to market or promote a product or service, there is also a natural tendency to do so in a way that doesn’t provide the best service to readers and site viewers. Flashing money in the faces of people make them dishonest. Presenting an incentive to sell a product or service can cause people to go to great lengths to mass promote and market. Any element or tool that can be used to help and aid in having higher sales conversions will be used. That includes hiding or masking affiliate links.

Internet Marketers want their readers to feel like products and services are being made off a true and genuine recommendation. Internet Marketers want to down play the fact that they are making commission or scoring an incentive for making sales. However, within the Make Money Online niche, consumers are becoming more conscious and aware of not only what an affiliate link looks like but more so, what a hidden or masked affiliate link looks like.

The Make Money Online niche is one of the most “cover your ass, dot your I’s and cross your T’s” niche I have ever seen. It has now gotten to the point where we as consumers within the Make Money Online niche are now faced with the Ultimate Hidden Affiliate Links.

The ultimate way to hide affiliate links is by not actually having an affiliate link. Instead of using affiliate links to score sales and make money online, Internet Marketers are now starting to make back end deals with product and service developers and owners on the side. There are private, offline and off the record deals that are taking place between Internet Marketers and product owners.

These private deals may actually have adverse effects on the make money online consumer. As mentioned above, money has a tendency to turn even the most honest folks into a crooked and corrupt marketers who will promote anything that scores the biggest incentive and largest profit. Recently, I had a personal dose of experiencing this first hand, as told below in a recent conversation I had with an Internet Marketer in an instant messenger conversation.

Garry I’m affiliated with the company OIOPublisher and I will give 2 copies of it to you ($74 value). I can speak on its behalf, so we’d be happy to give you 2 copies to give away. I don’t have an official title, but I do a lot of the marketing as well as a lot of back end stuff and negotiations with certain aspects of the business.

I work on negotiations with networks, dealing with affiliates, dealing with bloggers and our public images as well as a few other marketing things and I can have this verified for you if you don’t believe me.

– Source Asked to Remain Anonymous

For consumers who follow the advice and product and service recommendations from Internet Marketers, there is now a new element that one must consider when deciding on whether or not to make a purchase based on a recommendation. The days of stuffing affiliate links into post evolved into hiding or masking the links; however, today emerges the ultimate way to score an affiliate commission. And that is by doing back end deals and private off the record negotiations with product and server developers and owners.

So who can a consumer trust to give them a truthful guidance in the business of learning how to make money online? How do you find the right Internet Marketer to trust who isn’t infested with the evils that follow with making money online? How do you know if the products and services that are being recommended to you are genuine and not motived by a secret incentive to sell?

My advice to you when considering whether or not to purchase a product or service based off a recommendation from someone you don’t know well or completely trust, is to question them and determine what their true motives are behind why they are recommending the product.

Obviously many Internet Marketers are going to be compensated for selling products they recommend. There is nothing wrong with that. However, as a consumer, it is ultimately in your best interest to make sound and secure decisions that will help you the most in your ventures of learning how to make money online. When deciding on making that purchase, don’t hesitate to contact the person who made the recommendation.

Find out what affiliation the person has with the product or service. Find out if the person making the recommendation actually owns the product and uses it too. Most importantly, don’t allow other people to take control over your conversation and don’t allow any piece of information to be left untouched. Question anything and question everything, especially in the Make Money Online niche…. believe me folks, it’s ten times worse than being on a used car lot.

While I don’t necessarily think certain people are crooked individuals, but the conversation above does aim to raise some flags and it does unveil to me that there is a huge opportunity for Internet Marketers to develop on the side or behind the scene deals with product and service developers and owners for the purpose of bypassing the standard level affiliate programs that are in place for marketing and promoting products with an incentive for making money.

People who follow Internet Marketers are more likely to purchase a product or service based off a recommendation that doesn’t carry an affiliate link (hidden or not) compared to a product or service that does. All in all, it just goes to show you to what huge lengths Internet Marketers will take towards closing the deal and making the sale.

The majority of the money made in the Make Money Online niche is done by selling the consumers (the people who want to learn) products and services that are advertised as things that will help or aid people in learning more or expanding on their ability to find success in the business of making money online. Rarely will you find a product or service that truly will help you to the extent of what’s being advertised.

Does Changing Your Domain Name IP Address Effect SEO?

Written by Garry Conn on May 18th, 2008 Posted in Articles

Have you been curious to know if changing your domain name IP Address will effect your SEO? I have had the same server for two years but now I am reaching the point where I need to expand and lighten the load on my good old trusty server. I’ll still use the same company because I think they are awesome; however, I am curious to find out some opinions from my readers who might know the answer to this question.

When an established domain name has been on the same IP address for two years, will it have any effect what so ever in how the site ranks in Google if there is an IP address change? I have trolled around a few Forums and did a few Google Blog searches to see if anyone has posted information about this and I haven’t really found an article that reveals too much about this.

Drop me a comment with your thoughts on this topic, or feel free to blast out a few URL’s to some pages that you know of that already touch on this topic. If you do drop a comment with some URL’s keep in mind that your comment may go into moderation. Be assured that I will approve your comment very quickly as I receive an email alert for that.

Again, I want to know whether changing the IP address of your domain name will have any effect on your SEO or rather your Google rankings. Drop me a comment, I’d love to read your opinions on this.

JohnCow dot Com Is Bringing A Stampede of Pain

Written by Garry Conn on May 17th, 2008 Posted in Articles

I am not dumb or in denial of some hard swallowed facts that I just discovered on John Cow dot Com’s most recent post.

“JohnCow has been doing this very thing for a while now and is making a good living at it… enough to have a good size staff working fulltime in our office for us. We are not saying this to brag but on the contrary, to make sure you do not miss this opportunity to get first hand knowledge of how to step through the process of planning, researching, building and marketing a profitable blog, the exact way we do it for ourselves.”

In any venture or project it is obvious that having multiple people working together will get better and quicker results. While in this contest, I am working on not only taking the win, I am also doing so in a way that involves the volunteer assistance of people in my make money online class. While that has been working very well for everyone in my group, logically the odds are against me in winning.


In the last 72 hours John Cow dot Com and his newly exposed company of fulltime staff members have been able to swarm many businesses in successfully landing some really amazing prizes and gifts to be used for in his strategy towards beating me in this competition. But here is what I have to say about that.

The root of this competition doesn’t evolve around how many gifts and freebies you can give away. It doesn’t really matter how many people you have working for you – paid help or volunteer. What matters in this competition is in selling the niche blog successfully on SitePoint.com.

In this competition, while it is very much obvious that I am going against an entire team of highly trained and skilled people and not going against some amateur surfer guy who travels the world, I am still optimistic for the fact that it really doesn’t matter how many people the owner of John Cow dot Com may have working for him. At the end when it comes down to selling the niche blog, I’ll take the win.

For me… win lose or draw, this is a very excellent opportunity to engage in, even more now that I know my rival in this competition is not who I thought it was but rather an entire company of trained individuals.

If you haven’t already joined my class, I would strongly recommend doing so as for the fact that I am really cracking down now upon the discovery of the new competition I am up against.

Can Garry Conn, an individual professional blogger and Internet and search engine marketer, take on an entire company?

Stay tuned and find out soon and take a free seat in my make money online classroom! :)


Win Money Online Plus Two Free MacBook Airs

Written by Garry Conn on May 16th, 2008 Posted in Articles

Sorry guys, hate to disappoint you. This isn’t going to be won on my blog or even John Cow’s in the competition to see who’s the better MMO blogger. Instead Mike from Blogging-Ads.com asked if I would post this for him. I figured why not? Who couldn’t use the extra money or a chance to win not only one but two free MacBook Airs. I won a contest on Bloggin-Ads.com once before, perhaps someone reading this post will be blessed with some luck to win a free Apple computer. Check it out.

– Garry Conn

Two Super Huge MacBook Air Giveaways! – Bloggin-Ads.com

Hey Garry Conn readers, this is Mike & Michelle from Blogging-Ads.com. We asked Garry if he would let us tell you about a really cool contest we have going on at our blog. Contests are something that we do often and currently have a real hot one that I am sure will capture your interest. Many people may remember the first contest we had was huge! In fact, Garry Conn was actually on of the winners, take a look for yourself here.

At any rate, I’d like to tell you about our latest contest. The prizes that are being given away this time are valued at huge prices. How does this sound:

  • 2 x MacBook Airs ( $1,799 value each )
  • 10 x $100 Paypal ( Totalling $1,000 )

I highly suggest you guys participate in this contest as the prizes are much better than winning some advertising spots or some Entrecard credits. Make sure you go check out the contest post.

This brings out a good point that you don’t have to be throwing out your own money in getting things you want because if you’re trying to open your own business, which includes a blog, you could use that in getting free stuff.

If you take a look at a few bloggers out there like Darren Rowse, John Chow, and Shoemoney, you would realize that they’re getting A LOT of free stuff. When I say free stuff, I don’t mean just a few pens or usual t-shirts. They’re getting cameras, camcorders, computer parts, and almost anything you can think of that has values over $1,000.

The way that these items are obtained are quite simple, but only if you know what you’re looking for and who’s interested in sponsoring stuff to you. Assuming that you already have some popularity and some sort of higher ranking online, you should be able to go to local businesses or e-mail online businesses asking for sponsorships on certain items. Most of the time, companies would be glad to sponsor some items in return for a mention.

It’s not as difficult as it looks, but it does take time and patience to find a perfect place to ask. I mean, the worst that could happen is you just become friends with the store or business. At any rate, I hope you like the tip and in the mean time, take full advantage of the contest I have going, It’s a huge one.

– Mike

Make Money Online With Peel Away Ads

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As bloggers many of us have products and services that we’re trying to sell to our readers. There is really nothing wrong with that other this the fact that many of us are doing it very ineffectively. A better way to make money online with your blog would be to use a program called Peel Away Ads.

When I was a teenager, I wasn’t much different than I am today. For me it was all about making money. This is no joke! I have always been very technical and very much a hands on type of person. When I was 13 years old, I had the bright idea of starting my own lawn mowing service but quickly discovered that it was really difficult to land customers.

Near the end beginning of spring, after school I’d go walk my neighborhood and go door to door asking residents if they would like me to mow their yard during the summer. Most all would say no, largely due to the fact that had already planned on mowing their yard on their own or already had someone in line to mow it for them.

I remember this being so frustrating. Soon after recognizing that going door to door proved to be ineffective I started to market and promote my service by making fliers and distributing them out at a lot of the local stores and businesses. I had a BMX bike and I would literally ride everywhere while looking for places to hang my fliers.

Once again, this proved to be ineffective and then it dawned on me. I realized what the problem was. For one, I recognized that I had to deal in volume and two, I had to make sure that people were actually seeing my advertisements. Going back to the drawing board, I scrubbed the fliers and then made new smaller business card sized ads. Keep in mind, I didn’t have the resources to have these made professionally. I had to make these all by hand.

After making around 250 of these smaller business sized ads, I rode my bike to the mall and started inserting these smaller ads into the coin slots of pay phones, soda and candy machines and in between the rubber seal and glass of driver side windows of vehicles parked in the parking lot. The result of that massive campaign was a huge success. I landed 20 customers who needed me to mow their yard on a regular basis in the upcoming weeks during summer break.

More than half of those customers called me after pulling my ad out of the coin slots of the pay phones and candy machines. Very soon there after, I quickly learned that the promoting and marketing aspect of the lawn mowing business wasn’t the difficult part. Dragging my push mower with me while peddling my bike everywhere was a total bitch. Sometimes my mom would drive me which was so much easier.

So how does this childhood story relate to you trying to sell products and services from your blog? Well, let’s look at it this way. I don’t think the issue is that your readers aren’t interested in the products and services you offer. I think the issue is more along the lines of they don’t know what you’re offering.

Make Money Online With Peel Away Ads

Most blog I see add the buttons and banner on the right side of the screen. People don’t really look at that. A more effective way to get better visibility is to put your ads on the left. But even still, that isn’t very effective either for the fact that most all blog readers have ad blindness. Most all bloggers have grown accustom to advertisements and simply ignore them not knowing that the product or service is probably something that would truly interest them.

So what is the solution? Well, as a blogger, you have got to figure out a way to stick your advertisements in all the coin slots of the pay phones and candy machines. The minute I put my handmade business card ads in the coin slots was the minute I had 100% ad visibility. From there my conversion was just a little over 10%.

Peel Away Ads is the same thing. When people visit your blog they are going to see that they can pull the top corner of the screen down to reveal an advertisement. In many ways, this also reminds me of the famous “Fart Button” advertisement that become very popular on the Internet in the early 2000’s. The fart button was a huge success for the fact that people always clicked it. When the did so, a new page would load with an advertisement which planted a seed in the minds of the reader. Needless to say, the “Fart Button” helped increase conversions.

The same is true for Peel Away Ads. Believe me, I know this, because every time I visit a blog or a web site that is using Peel Away Ads, I always always click on it to see what is behind the screen.

If you want a system that will help you increase you ad visibility and also increase your sales conversion, I would strongly recommend purchasing the software that will allow you to create your own Peel Away Ads. Amazingly, the program is only $37 bucks! Needless to say, I placed my order without thinking twice. You should too. Many highly successful bloggers use Peel Away Ads. John Chow dot Com is one of the most popular blogs I know using the program.

If your blog has in the ball park of around 100 visits per day, there is no reason why you can’t make money with that. Granted, people like John Chow have tons more traffic, but still… having around 100 visits per day, should score you around 4 or 5 sales per week on the product or service you’re promoting. If that isn’t happening then there is a problem. Take a look at the Peel Away Ads Script. I believe that you’ll agree with me and find this program to be very effective for you in effectively marketing and promoting the products and services you advertise on your blog.

Blog Design History In The Making – The History of Elvis

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Over the last two months I have made become a really good friend with Mark Mason. I have to tell you that this is one very smart guy. Mark has a very demanding job working as some kind of freakazoid engineer at Texas Instruments and does Internet marketing only about one to two hours per night.

Amazingly he has learned quite a bit. He knew a lot when we first met, but talk about rolling a the snowball down the hill. Within the last two months, you wouldn’t believe what this guy has soaked in. His brain is a sponge.

Anyway, I do a little bit of web design work for Mark. In fact, his flagship site, Mason World dot Com was designed by yours truly. Recently though, he hired me to design another site of his. This site that I recently designed for Mark was the same site that he called to ask for my advice back on March 5th of 2008 which allowed for us to actually start talking more on a regular basis and eventually lead to us doing quite a bit of work together. Not only do I do design work for Mark, but he also helps me with quite a bit of things with Internet marketing. What the hell? Taking advice from a noob!! LOL!!! Needless to say, Mark is very talented and someone I would strongly recommend pairing up with.

The site that I redesigned is called History of Elvis. It is really a prime example niche site in my opinion. While his site is very much an experiment, I have always felt it has a very high potential for success. I think after redesigning this site, it will soon start to really bring in the dollars for Mark. Which it’s deserved… Mark works very hard.

Here is a screen shot of what the site looked like before:

[click to view full size]

Here is a screen shot of what the site looks like now:

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Here is a screen shot of the header graphic I made in Adobe Photoshop Version 6.0

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Previous Design Work By Garry Conn


Here are some additional screen shots and examples of my previous work I have done for myself on some blogs that I own.

The Airplane Blog

This is a personal blog of mine where I publish uniquely written content about aviation and airplanes.

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Website: www.airplaneblog.com


Beechcraft Aircraft News and Information


This is a personal blog of mine where I write uniquely written content related to Beechcraft aircraft.

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website: www.beech-aircraft.com

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website: www.blogtheinternet.com


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I am available for hire. All my blog designs come packed with very practical and search engine friendly code, superior level of custom CSS and amazing layouts and formats. Graphics are done in Photoshop Version 6.0. Themes are optimized for WordPress 2.5 and the Cost is only $250 dollars.